Sunday, April 29, 2012

Bo Gee CPE Trial, April 28, 2012

Yesterday Spot and Shelby were entered in the Bo Gee CPE trial in Deerfield, NH. Spot was entered in Wildcard 3, Standard 2 and Jackpot 3. Shelby was entered in Snooker 4, Standard 3 and Jackpot 2.

Wildcard was up first, but wasn't the first class of the day, so we got there around 8. I was working as scribe in Wildcard 1-2. We didn't run until about 9:30 or so. The course started with a jump to the weaves, so I pretty much knew it would be tough going. Spot was raring to go and took the jump and entered the weaves, but then ran into the center of the ring. So I just took off running towards the tunnels and he came with me, which was great. So we did a couple tunnels and the last 3 jumps. I wanted him to have fun because lately he's been doing a couple obstacles and then leaving the ring. After this trial, I am moving him to level 1 enthusiast, so I really had nothing to lose and no expectations.

The next run was Snooker level 4 with Shelby. This was a fun course, with the 7 being a 3-jump serpentine. Two of the reds were close to the serp, then there was another close to the front of the course, and one in the middle. I wasn't sure how Shelby would do, but decided to try 1-7-1-7-1-4 as my opening, and it worked. When we started, I didn't cue the side of the serp I wanted, but she took the jump, so I needed to think fast to save it. The rest of the course was fine, and Shelby was running fast and happy. We Qd with 40 points and a second place! This was Shelby's first time back at Bo Gee since she ran out of the ring after another dog two years ago and I wasn't sure how she would be. I had Marjorie at the exit just in case, but Shelby was fine.

Next up was Standard 2 with Spot. After seeing the course, which was a jump to the A frame, then also the dog walk and the weaves and the teeter, I just felt it would be too much, so I scratched. I thought Jackpot was next, and I had both dogs in Jackpot, close together in the running order, so I moved my car closer to the ring and was hanging out for a while. Good thing I did, because suddenly I heard them calling for Shelby! I had totally forgotten she was entered in Standard! I hadn't even looked at the map, so I glanced at it quickly, then did the walk through and then we were second dog up! The course was pretty nice, good flow. Our only bobble was the weaves. I tried to send her on the offside, and she entered at the second pole, so we had to do them again. We were also 3 seconds over time. But we still Qd and got a 2nd place, so that was great.

Jackpot was a non-traditional. Spot was entered in level 3 and Shelby in level 2. The jackpot was that you needed to do three different obstacles and then the table. Originally the judge intended that we could not do three jumps as our jackpot, but she changed her mind, thank god! My opening for both dogs was the same: jump, teeter, double, jump, jump, tunnel, tunnel, tunnel, tunnel, and then the closing, 3 jumps. Spot got through the first tunnel then took off towards the exit. I called him back and he came and took another tunnel, then the buzzer went, so I was able to get him to do three jumps and the table. We got exactly 40 points we needed and were 5 seconds under time. That finished his level 3 Jackpot and his level 3 strategy games title!

Shelby was up next, and I did the same course, up to the first tunnel. She was a little nervous on the teeter. After the first tunnel, I brought her behind it to a jump, and then was planning on the weaves. But the buzzer went and I didn't want her to do the weaves because if we faulted them we would be done. So I carefully guided her to do three jumps, but after the second one she ran to the table. I called her back and got the third jump, but we ended up 5 seconds over time. It was a bummer because that would have finished her level 2 title. Oh well...

So overall, a good day, with lots of fun and a few Qs. It was very cold in the morning and windy all day and I got windburn on my face, which really hurt!

Our next trial will be at Act-Up in Seekonk on May 12-13.

Monday, February 13, 2012

All Dogs Gym CPE Trial, February 11-12, 2012

This weekend I entered Spot and Shelby at All Dogs Gym. Spot was entered only in Level 2 Standard each day. Shelby was entered in everything else.

Saturday started off awful because I woke up with a migraine and nausea. So I slept in for a bit, and got there about 8:30, still feeling pretty bad. Luckily there was still room in the crate room, and I hadn't missed our first run. First up was Shelby in Jumpers level 3. It was a good course, and Shelby was excited. We started out great, but then she got the zoomies a bit and ran up to say "hi" to the ring crew. Then she started sniffing in one area. And then she pooped. Just one little piece. I know it wasn't stress. There is one part of the ring where they have puppy play time and a lot of dogs were sniffing. Shelby sniffed pretty much all weekend.

Next up was Snooker level 3. The 7 was a combo of a weaves and a jump. I ended up doing 1, 7, 1, 3, 1, 4. Then we made it through 5 in the closing, so we Qd! She did have to try the weaves twice, so I was worried we wouldn't get through the closing with enough points.

Then we had Fullhouse. Shelby ran well, but when we came off the dogwalk she started sniffing. I got her attention and she took the tunnel, but then was sniffing again, so she used up some time. We got all our requirements, but we were 8 seconds over time, so no Q.

Spot then ran Standard level 2. He was really slow on the dogwalk descent, and also on the A frame, so we didn't get halfway through the course. But we were done by about 4pm, so I was happy to get home early.

On Sunday, Shelby was up first in Colors level 3. It was a good course, and I thought we would do well, but unfortunately Shelby started up the dogwalk, which wasn't the correct obstacle. So, because you are not allowed an off course in level 3, we didn't Q, but otherwise had a great run.

Next was Wildcard. This I also thought would be a pretty good course for us. The dogwalk was the second obstacle, so I figured no problem! Well, I guess I was being a little too aggressive, because I pushed her past the entrance to the dogwalk, then she went around a jump. So I consciously slowed down and she did great the rest of the course, but we were over time, so no Q.

Last course of Sunday was Jackpot level 1/2. No problem! Well, at one point, Shelby got so excited she ran right past the tunnel I wanted, so that used up some time, but then we got the gamble, so I thought we had a Q. When I looked at the sheet, it turns out we didn't get points for the weaves, so we were short on points. And apparently way over time, which surprised me. Again, no Q.

Spot was running at the end of the day in Standard level 2. I didn't really have much hope of a Q, because there was a dogwalk and A frame and weaves. He actually ran well, had a little trouble with the A frame, but then totally shut down at the weave poles after entering correctly. So that was a bummer. But he was happy to run.

It was a long weekend, but fun and glad I went.

Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Shelby debuts at All Dogs Gym CPE Trial, December 31, 2011

On Saturday, the last day of 2011, I took Spot and Shelby to All Dogs Gym in Manchester, NH for a one-day CPE trial. Spot and Shelby were both entered in Jackpot, and then Spot was in Wildcard, and Shelby was in Snooker.

Jackpot was a non-traditional in which you had to take a specific jump, then get 10 points any way you wanted, then take the jump again, for a total of 12 points. If you did it correctly you would get 20 points. Spot was first, since he was jumping 4 inches. He was so slow and pokey, we only got through about 6 obstacles before we ran out of time. Shelby did very well, she was excited to be running and took all my cues. However, I messed up the course and we didn't get the 20 points, so no Q. :-( But it was still a great debut for her. I was very happy that she didn't seem nervous and didn't need to go check the entrances for other dogs, etc.

Up next was Spot in Wildcard 3. It was a doable course for us. The choices were the Tunnel (a) or A Frame (b), then a jump (a) or teeter (b), then a tunnel (a) or 2 jumps (b). My plan was tunnel, teeter, 2 jumps. Spot was raring to go this time, but He ran by the tunnel, and almost out of the ring! I called him back but then he took the A frame! So he took a long time standing at the top and then coming down. Once he was off, he ran to the exit, so I just went with him.

Finally it was Shelby's turn at Snooker level 3. We needed 36 points. This was a tricky course. It had a panel jump! They are legal, but this is the first time I've seen one in five years. It was part of the #7 combo of a panel jump and single bar jump. It was possible to get all 7's and a few people did, but my plan was 7, 6, 5. Shelby went around the 7 panel jump but I brought her back and she took it fine. Then we took the single jump and the next red jump, but then she started sniffing like crazy. I thought I was stress from making a mistake, so I just ran happily to the table and she followed. Afterwards, I saw a lot of dogs sniffing there, so there must have been something in that area. It makes me feel better that maybe she was just a little distracted and not really stressed. I am going to try to enter here there as much as I can this winter. I'm so happy she was able to have fun and not worry.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Riverside CPE trial, December 10-11, 2011

Last weekend I took Spot to Riverside Canine, a facility in Nashua, NH only 30 minutes from home. We signed up for 3 classes on Sat and 2 on Sun.

On Sat, we skipped the first class, so rolled in at a decadent 9:30. We had plenty of time. Our first class was Colors level 3. We got off to a good start, but then we got to the weave poles and Spot did a good entry, but then walked off. He didn't want to come back and get them. I don't know if this was due to their location in the arena-they were in a dark corner near the kitchen...

Next was Wildcard, and again off to a great start, but those poles got us again! They were in the same location and Spot just did not want to do them and stopped working, so we left the course.

Last was Jackpot, which was traditional. The gamble was the outside tunnel entrance, a jump, the tire and the table. Definitely do-able for us. Spot ran the opening very well, was with me and wanting to work. The buzzer rang while he was in the gabble tunnel, so I moved back over the line and sent him back in, but he took the wrong entrance. That was ok, since the judge had told us the gamble doesn't start until the dog takes the correct tunnel entrance. So I tried to send him back in again, but he wasn't getting it, so I moved over the line and then finished the rest of the course. I was disappointed, but happy he had worked we me on course.

On Sunday we were entered in the first two classes of the day, Jackpot and Fullhouse. It was a non-traditional Jackpot where the gamble was the A frame, a tunnel of your choice, then any other obstacle of your choice and the table. I was bummed when I saw the A frame requirement because I knew Spot would have trouble with it and he did. He used up a lot of time, so we got whistled off before we could finish.

Next was Fullhouse, and I was able to do a course that had all jumps and tunnels, and the seesaw, which he likes. It helped that the double was considered a joker, and worth 5 points. I chose a course that would give us 26 points, when we needed 23 to Q. We made it through the course, but at the last tunnel, Spot hesitated, and the buzzer went, so I hustled him to the table, not sure if we made time. Luckily, we were .5 seconds over, which gets rounded down, so we got a Q and finished our Level 3 Fun Games title. Spot was the only level 3 8 inch dog to Q in that class!

We are headed back to Riverside next Sunday for 3 more runs. We will see how it goes.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Bo Gee CPE Trial, October 22-23, 2011

Last weekend, Spot was entered in the last outdoor trial of the season at the Deerfield Fairgounds in Deerfield, NH. We were entered in Standard 2, Colors 3, Fullhouse 3 and Jackpot 3 on Saturday, and Standard 2, Wildcard 3, and Colors 3 on Sunday.

We got there Saturday about 8am, they were already running Snooker, which we hadn't entered. There were no course maps left, but I saw one on the table, so I took it. No one said it was theirs, so fair game. The courses looked challenging, but do-able. However, Spot had other plans. The first run was Standard. Spot had a lot of energy, but wasn't connecting with me, so he was running past jumps, not coming back, etc. Next was Colors. This run again was not very good. This time we got majorly stuck at the weaves. He would do one pole, then stop, or run off. I left in the middle of the course because he was not into it. The third run was Fullhouse, and I started him off in a straight line: jump, tunnel, jump, then a front cross. Spot did the three obstacles, but then blew me off and ran to the table. After that I decided to leave for the day and skip Jackpot because there was no way we were going to be successful. I was really disappointed and on the verge of tears because I knew we could do these courses and we really need to finish level 2 Standard if we want to go to Nationals. The indoor trials are few that actually have standard, so we only have 3-4 more chances to get 2 Qs.

On Sunday I tried to have a positive attitude. It was freezing when we got there, only about 34 degrees. Again, no course maps! Luckily someone brought one back, but I still only had level 3, no level 2 standard map. Our day began with Standard 2, and we actually did pretty well. The A frame was a little slow and the weaves took us 2 tries, but I thought we had a chance to Q. Unfortunately we were 11 seconds over time, so didn't make it. Next was Wildcard. We started out ok, but got to the weaves and Spot just would not do them. Finally I got him to do them, but then we got whistled off for max course time. The last class was Colors, and I thought we might be ok, since it was a short course, but again, we started and did 5 obstacles, and then Spot ran to the exit.

Thankfully I hadn't entered Jumpers, so we were able to pack it up and head home around 3:30.

It was a disastrous weekend all around. Shelby go to play with me a little, so that was nice. Not sure exactly what I can do to get Spot's head back in the game.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

CATS CPE Trial, September 18, 2011

On Sunday I entered Spot in the CATS CPE trial at Wheelock Park in Keene, NH. We actually drove up Saturday afternoon to check out the location and set up our tent. We stayed overnight in Brattleboro, VT. The venue was really nice, on a baseball field, with two rings and plenty of room for tents. Also was great to be there with agility friends Marjorie, Julie, Nancy, Mary, Juli and Patricia.

Spot was entered in Standard 3, Colors 3, Jackpot 3, Snooker 4 and Jumpers 4. He Q'd in Standard, Colors and Snooker.

First class was Standard. We did the weaves on one pass, but I really had to baby him through them. We had one bobble at the A frame. There was an obstacle discrimination with the tunnel under the A frame, and I pulled Spot to the right for the A frame, but then he actually didn't take it, and ran by it, then took the tunnel underneath. That was ok, because coming out of the tunnel up the A frame was a nice approach, and he handled it fine. We got a 5 pt fault and were 4.8 seconds over time, so we were super close to not Q'ing. If we hadn't had that bobble we would have been fine. I think I just overhandled that part.

Next was Jackpot, which was non-traditional, with 3 possible gambles. We could even do all 3 gambles if we wanted to! I had a good plan, but I added in a tunnel at the last minute, and then didn't have enough momentum to get the gamble before the time was up.

Next was Colors 3. The opening was tricky. It was a jump to a tunnel, the they were kind of parallel. So I lead out into a moving front cross and it worked well. After the tunnel, the choice was A frame directly in front of the tunnel, or a jump to the side. I wanted the jump, because the end of the course was much better than the A frame course. I did a front cross out of the tunnel to bring Spot over to the jump, but he didn't want to! He started towards the A frame, and I called him, so he stopped and looked at me, then looked at the A frame, then finally took the jump. We did the weaves ok, again I really had to baby him. But then the end of the course was a line of 5 jumps and he really picked up speed for the finish.

Next was Snooker level 4 in the other ring. We had to wait around a while for this one, just because the lower level ring had fewer runs and was going much faster. The Snooker course was awesome for us because there were no weaves! The 7 was a combo of a tunnel and a double, which was tough because you can only take the double one way. Some people did try it, but I thought the entrance to the tunnel was ugly, so I avoided it. I was able to find a line from a red over the 5 jump, to another red, which made for a fast opening. Then we did a front cross over the 2-jump 6 combo. One of the jumps for 6 was also a red, so we took that again, then the 5 again, and headed to the 2 jump. For some reason Spot balked at the 2 jump and I was worried he wouldn't take it, or would back-jump it, but he got over it. 3 and 4 were tunnels, and then 5 and 6 were a threadle. We got through the first half of 7 before time was up and ended up with 39 points and Q. I have to say that was a really fun run.

Last run of the day was Jumpers 4. Since the lower level ring had finished, they set this up while Snooker was finishing, so we got to walk pretty quickly and get going. This course was very twisty, with a pinwheel and a funky opening. I couldn't quite figure out what I wanted to do, but I ended up doing a serpentine opening. Spot read it fine, but then didn't take the third jump, so I brought him back, but it seemed to sap his energy and momentum. He walked through the rest of the course and we ran out of time. Oh well.

Spot was really tired by the end of the day. When I put him in his crate, he was already sleeping as I loaded up the car! I think 4 runs a day is his limit now. I need to figure out how to get his Standard 2 finished so we can try to enter for Nationals!

Monday, August 29, 2011

Gemini CPE Trial August 27-28, 2011 (Hurricane Irene Edition)

Last weekend Spot and Shelby were entered in the Gemini Dogs CPE trial. I like trialing here because this is where we train, and they have a chain link fence with gates, so I can close them for Shelby and be sure there will be no problems. The August trial is traditionally miserable weather, and this year was no exception. Saturday actually wasn't too bad. It was overcast, but then got really humid and warm around noon, then started raining about 3pm. The Sunday trial was cancelled due to the hurricane, which bummed me out because I lost about $75...

Shelby was entered in all 4 classes, Spot only in Standard and Wildcard. The day started with Fullhouse. I had a good plan and it was going well when for some reason Shelby decided not to take the tunnel, but instead to run around it a couple times. Of course by doing that we ran out of time so no Q.

Then it was Standard level 2 for both dogs. Spot was first. It was a doable course, but we only got about 3 obstacles in. He took 2 jumps and the dogwalk, then went in the tunnel and wouldn't come out. While I was doing the walk through, I had a friend hold him, since we were the first dog on the line. That's when it started to get hot, and I think he got a bit heated and needed the shade of the tunnel. Shelby was next and I was super pleased by her performance. She really gave me full attention and we ran well under time for a Q and first place.

Next was Wildcard. Spot and Shelby were both entered in level 3. One of the wildcards was a set of weave poles vs a double, then there was another set of poles, so I decided to take the double with both dogs. Spot went first and he was much better, since the sun had gone in again at this point. However, we had an off course and then he couldn't get through the weave poles, so no Q. Shelby was a little nervous as we were setting up, so I wasn't sure if she would perform well. I kept eye contact with her pretty much the whole time, and tried to cue 2-3 obstacles ahead and she did very well. I thought we Q'd until I saw the scores and we had a major fault, which I think must have been a dropped bar at the double.

Finally was Snooker for Shelby. By this point it was raining pretty hard. My parking area had flooded with about 2 inches of water, so I had put the dogs in the car. I had a pretty good plan, needing the do the closing through #5 to Q. We were doing pretty well until we hit the weaves at #4, then Shelby smelled something and started digging in the grass, then started rolling around. Everyone got a kick out of it, except me, since we blew our time and didn't get a Q after waiting around and getting soaked.

So we only had 1 Q for the day, but two others were really close for Shelby. Even though he didn't Q, I was pleased with Spot's performance because he did the A frame and the dog walk no problem, so I don't think there are any issues from his tumble last week.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

American K9 Country CPE Trial, August 19-20, 2011

This weekend Spot and I went to a CPE trial at American K9 Country in Amherst, NH. The judge was Denielle Stasa.

I like this venue pretty well. It is indoors with padded footing, the equipment is nice, and there is a good amount of room. I can't really trial Shelby there though because the way the ring is, there isn't room to set up a gate chute, so I wouldn't risk it at this point.

Spot was entered in Snooker 4, Jumpers 4, and Fullhouse 4 on Friday, and Snooker 4, Fullhouse 4, Jackpot 4, Standard 2 and Wildcard 3 on Saturday. We ended up scratching Standard 2 and Fullhouse on Sat.

Friday started out with Jumpers. Spot was very energetic and did some extra running which resulted in 2 off courses, then he skipped the tire, but we just kept going since I knew we weren't going to Q anyway. Next was Snooker 4. This course didn't have any weaves, which was awesome for us, however the A frame was the 7 and while I could have gone for it, Spot has some issues with the A frame now that he is 13 years old, so I decided not to risk it. I had a plan the just included the A frame once. I guess Spot didn't like the plan, because he first went to the table in the middle of the run, then I got him back, but he left the ring...see the video.

I didn't have super high hopes for Fullhouse at this point, but we continued on. I made a plan that was a lot of tunnels and jumps and the A frame one time. I was going pretty well until the end, when Spot was on the A frame. He was near the top and I was ahead of him and he tried to go too fast off the A frame and took a tumble, rolling over on the floor. He got right back up, and we did a tunnel and a jump and finished the course. I checked him over, and he didn't seem sore, so I figured I would just keep a better eye on his A frame performance on Saturday.

Saturday I brought Shelby with us for the day, even though she wasn't running. It was a hot day and I set up my tent outside rather than inside because the crate room was open only to competing dogs. Saturday started with Snooker. This was a tough course for us because the weaves were #4, so I had to figure out how to get enough points, yet not do the A frame multiple times. I decided to run a course that would get us enough points if we could finish the poles, and we did, so we got a Q. Spot did the A frame with no problem, so I figured we were good.

Wildcard 3 was next. It was a very do-able course. The first choice was the A frame or a tunnel, and I was going for the A frame. Spot ran around it, and then didn't want to retry it, so I had to do the tunnel. We kept going but used a lot of time at the poles. Then on the up part of the dogwalk, Spot was very tentative, and I'm not sure why. The buzzer rang while we were on the dogwalk so we ran out of time on that one.

Jackpot was next. Again, a very do-able course. I planned to do all jumps and tunnels, no contacts. Spot got set up and we started, but his heart wasn't in it. He was running so slow. It was more like walking. We ran out of time halfway through the gamble, so no Q there. Then I decided to make it a day and we scratched Standard and Fullhouse.

Looking back, I'm still not sure if he was just tired, if he was sore, if he could tell I was in pain from my back...but he seems to be acting normally now, jumping on the furniture, etc. We have a trial this weekend where I am running Shelby in everything and Spot in 2 classes per day, so we'll see how he is there. It would really be too bad if Spot's agility career were over...especially with Nationals in New York next year.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A New Year

Wow, I can't believe it's been six months since I posted!

We've been very busy with Agility and Earthdog.

Spot has been working on the last leg for his Master Earthdog title, but we weren't able to get it this season. He has a problem in that he likes to back up when it is time to take him out of the tunnel. So we will work on that this Spring. Also, his mark could be better, so we'll work on that too. Spot will be 13 in July, and I am starting to see he is looking older. He still has energy and loves to work, which is good. And earthdog isn't too taxing, so I hope he can compete for a many more years.

We've also been working on agility. Spot is in level 3 in everything except Standard, because he can't weave yet. So we are working on that. We recently tried using a target at the end of the weaves, because he understands this concept from the jump grid work we did. He seemed to pick it up really quickly and we have been practicing a little bit each night. I entered him in Standard level 2 in a trial in February, so hopefully we will be ready!

Shelby has also been practicing agility. She competed in early Sept in Vermont at Muddy Paws. My instructor suggested it because the ring is in a barn and we were able to close the doors so no other dogs would be around. Shelby was nervous, and very alert to other dogs, so we worked on that. She was happy to do agility, but did disconnect to go check the doors to see if other dogs were around. I hoping to enter her in the next trial at Gemini, since we can close the gate during her runs. We'll see. I wish I could trial with her, because she is really skilled and it is fun for me, but I don't want to stress her out.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

A Busy Weekend

This weekend was all about the dogs. On Saturday we were at All Dog's Gym for a CPE agility trial and Sunday we went to a New England Terrier Club earthdog fun day.

On Sat, Spot was entered in Snooker level 2, Fullhouse level 3 and Wildcard level 2. Snooker was first. It was a pretty easy course. The 7 obstacle was a combo of a jump and a tunnel. My plan was to do 7 twice and 6 once in the opening. It started out red, 7, but Spot ran around the jump part of the 7 obstacle, so I had to call him back, but then he took the next red, and then 6 jump, then a red, and then the 7 combo. The 2 obstacle was the tunnel, which was bidirectional in the opening and the closing, but the way we did it, Spot took the tunnel as part of 7, then I had him turn around and go back in, which worked fine. The closing was a big circle, so the flow was really nice, and we were able to run fast, which Spot likes. We got 50 points and first place. One question that came up for me (when scribing Snooker 3, 4, 5, C) was that people faulted the combo color, but just got a zero and were able to keep going. In May at the Act Up trial, I did the same thing but got whistled off...which I think was incorrect.

Next was Fullhouse. It was all levels together. Spot does better with contacts, but contacts take longer to complete, so it definitely was something I had to keep in mind when planning our course. Generally I like to do back to back tunnels when possible, and in this case there were 2 chances to do that, but I realized we could get the same number of points faster by doing the tire back to back, so that's what we did. The course was jump to the A frame, which I led out to, then 2 jumps, which Spot ran around the second one, so I called him back. In hindsight, I should have kept going, just for timing sake. Then I did a tunnel back to back, a front cross to the dog walk, then the tire 2x and a jump, and then we headed to the table and the buzzer sounded just as we hit the table, so I timed it pretty good. We got 26 points, and first place. Although Spot scared me at the start of this run! We walked in to get set up and as we approached the jump, Spot decided to take it while still on leash, and I ended up jerking him back in mid-air and he knocked over the jump. Thankfully he was fine. I guess he was just wanting to do some obstacles!

Then we had to wait a while for Standard to run. We didn't enter because Spot can't do poles yet. The last class of the day was Wildcard. We needed 2 As and 1 B. The first choice was the A frame (B) or the tunnel (A). The second choice was the tire (A) or the double (B) and the final choice was a jump (A) or the weaves (B). We chose the A frame, the tire, and the jump. I lead out to the A frame, and it went really well until the last two jumps, which Spot ran around and I had to call him back. We Q'd and got third place.

On Sunday, we went to the New England Terrier Club earthdog fun day. Spot ran Master and Shelby did IQ. Spot did well in ME, except for removing him (again). He backed up, but then came back and I was able to open the cover and praise him a bit, and then he was actually ready to come out. Shelby did IQ, and I was disappointed, because we took a step back and just did the short straight tunnel. She worked the rats, but not as well as she did at the Gardner practice. So I don't think I'll enter her at Brimfield.